A Comprehensive Vaccine Review with Answers to the Most Common Concerns

Dr. Vivian Chen, author of Allergy Families, has asked me to review and answer common vaccine questions from parents.  We created a series of 5 posts regarding immunizations.  Here are the topics Vivian and I cover over 5 installments.  In each part, we examine the question in detail and discuss the issue from various angles.  Below, click on the pictures associated with the topic for a link into the blog post from Allergy Families.

Post 1-

  • Why are vaccines under such controversy?

Post 2-

  • Do vaccines work?
  • I’ve never seen mumps, measles or rubella so why should I vaccinate my child?

Post 3-

  • Are vaccines safe?
  • How does the US schedule compare with the rest of the world?
  • Do kids get 26 shots by the age of 12 months?
  • Why do people say vaccines may cause autism?
  • What’s your view on autism and MMR?

Post 4-

  • Vaccines and aluminum, what are your thoughts?
  • How does the US compare with the rest of the world?

Post 5-

  • Are vaccines behind the rise in chronic diseases?
  • Why do we have to immunize newborns with Hep B?

I hope this series helps answer some of your questions and help you make informed choices about this topic.  

In Good Health, Ana-Maria Temple, MD